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Redbrick restaurant uses Lavu POS on iPad intelligentsia using Lavu POS System Lavu Point of Sale System on the Jones Vinaigrette uses Lavu iPad POS in multiple locations Lavu is a Cloud based iPad POS System And thousands more...

Questions About Lavu POS What is Lavu iPad POS? Learn about Lavu Point of Sale

Start accepting payments ... with style

Lavu iPad POS may appear as sleek and elegant, but the beauty is much more then skin deep. Accept cash, check and credit cards with low rates. Improve your business efficiency with full featured Reports and Management Tools. Build customer loyalty with Marketing Tools.

Lavu POS accepting credit card on iPad

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Questions about Lavu POS What Business Types Are Best Fit For Lavu iPad POS? Learn about Lavu Point of Sale

3 Robust Service Types to Choose From

Use one or any combo, you choose

  • View of POS Tab Layout for Lavu on iPad Tab Layout
    View of POS Lavu Table Layout on iPad Table Layout
    View of Lavu POS Quickserve Screen on iPad Quick Serve Layout
  • Screen shot of Tab Layout on Free iPad POS Tab Layout
    Screen shot of Table Layout on Free iPad POS

    Open Tab Layout

    Open a tab. Add to the tab. Close out the tab - it's easy!

    • Pre-authorization function lets the customer keep their card
    • Tabs can be tied to a card or named after a customer or group
    • Easily transfer tabs to a tables
  • iPad view of Quickserve on Lavu POS Quick Serve Layout
    View of iPad with Lavu POS Quickserve Layout

    Quick Serve

    Designed for quick counter service and immediate checkout.

    • Quick access to full menu
    • Simplified ordering and checkout
    • Automatic settings ensure order sending and receipt printing in a rush
  • View of iPad with Lavu POS Table Layout Table Layout
    View of iPad with Lavu POS Table Layout options

    Table Layout

    Have a sit-down type of restaurant? Our customizable layout has you covered.

    • Match table placement and shapes exactly with our editor
    • Table turn blue when seated, green when checking out
    • Select the number of guests to be seated, assign them a seat in the order

Description of Lavu iPad Point of Sale What Do I Need To Consider Before Purchasing Lavu iPad POS? Learn about Lavu POS

Prepare for your POS Investment!

We understand that purchasing a point of sale system is an important decision.
Like any investment, you will need to make sure your POS system is a good fit for you and your company and has long term value.

View of POS hardware for iPad based Lavu

Hardware bundles for Lavu Point of Sale

Business Smart

Business Smart helps restaurant owners and entrepreneurs understand the service industry, identify technology trends and what it means for their business, and better utilize their point of sale.

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Lavu Hardware Bundles Remove Guesswork

Using the right hardware for your establishment will keep production steady, make customers happy, and reduce stress. Select the hardware you prefer, and scale your business according to your needs.

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Customers give Lavu iPad POS positive reviews How does lavu help a business? Real customers review Lavu Point of Sale

What Lavu customers are saying

Thousands of restaurants use Lavu everyday Here's why

  • burrito-express

    Burrito Express using Lavu iPad POS

    Roswell, New Mexico

    For all three of their locations, Burrito Express selected the Lavu iPad point of sale system, not only for the reporting and management tools (and the coolness factor of the iPad), but also for the ease of use. "We hired POSUSA (Certified Lavu Distributors in New Mexico) to install Lavu iPad POS and to help us learn how to use the system. 

  • ahhromas

    Ahhromas Pizza using iPad POS for food truck

    Albuquerque, NM

    “We chose a mobile food business so that we could attend fun events and provide healthy food alternatives to what is typically associated with weekend events. We selected an Italian wood brick oven because people are drawn to the aromas, the fire, and quick cook times -- 90 seconds cook time at 800+ degrees!”, reports Mark who handles the business aspects of Ahhromas. And they chose Lavu iPad point of sale (after extensive research) because it best fit their business model and exceeded their expectations as far as modern technologies were concerned.

  • fortina

    Fortina Italian Restaurant love iPad POS

    Armonk, NY

    The versatility of the Lavu system allows Fortina to have 7 different printers; their servers never have to leave their stations. “Our servers can provide a level of service that many places cannot,” said Rob. “ Using iPads gives us the mobility and ability to sell more product in a time efficient manner.”

  • 5bkk

    5 BBK runs efficient because of Lavu iPad POS

    Bangkok, Thailand

    The owners of 5 Wine Bar selected Lavu iPad POS for their restaurant because it helps them easily manage their business and saves them a lot of time.

    Choosing to work with Certified Lavu Distributor ITD worked to their benefit. “ITD helped us with consultation, design, and setup. Their continued service is great!”

  • noda

    NoDa Brewing | Lavu iPad POS

    Charlotte, NC

    “Reports, reports, reports” Todd said. “Data is everything in making our entire company more efficient.”

    NoDa chose to set up their Lavu iPad POS terminals in pairs: two iPad minis both with Heckler stands, two cash drawers, and two printers. They also use a pair of iPhones for management, and Time Capsule for network and storage purposes.

  • cafe-mio

    Cafe Mio using cost effective Lavu iPad POS

    Gardiner, NY

    Michael selected Lavu for his business management software and iPad point of sale system. Ease of use and the ability to speed up order processing were a few requirements. “The backend is so much more user friendly than systems I've used in the past; it has saved us a lot of time. It has also been very easy to train staff to use POS Lavu. They can even program menus on the backend.”

  • fraiche

    Fraïche Bistro & Dessert Bar love the remote management of Lavu iPad POS

    Rochester, NY

    Kathy is happy with her choice to use the Lavu iPad point of sale because of the remote access to sales data and other management features. “Lavu has allowed me to always be at the restaurant even when I'm not. I travel a bit to visit family, and having access (to my business) allows me peace of mind.”

  • lindsays-cafe

    Lindsay's Cafe choosing Lavu iPad POS because it made their job easier.

    Sydney, Australia

    Choosing the right POS system was integral to helping keep the business on track. “The Lavu iPad POS helped us structure the business and be able to initiate rock solid systems. Before Lavu we had to count on the memory of the staff, but now Lavu does all the thinking for us. It has certainly made all our jobs easier.”

  • coastal-cupcakes

    Coastal Cupcakes

    Wilmington, NC

    "It has been a great addition to our stores and a wise business decision. It saves us time, money, and space. We love it, our employees love it, and - most importantly - our customers love it!"

  • moda-espresso

    Moda Espresso Bar

    Chelsea, NY

    In the Chelsea neighborhood in NYC is Moda Espresso Bar, where they have coffee, lunch, and Lavu iPad POS!

  • baffitos

    Baffito's Bar & Restaurant

    Cheshire, UK

    “ your order is taken on an iPod touch and transmitted wirelessly to the bar and kitchen, so when place your drinks order, the bar prepares it immediately to arrive at your table before you have finished ordering you food. The customers love it and it creates a real buzz.”

  • cajun-experience

    Cajun Experience

    Leesburg, VA

    I wanted to let you guys know how we did last night using your system. We went live and everything went really, really well. It was so smooth. Thank you!