Coffee iPad POS

Point Of Sale & Management for Coffee Shops

Fast, easy, and efficient, Lavu Coffee iPad POS offers simple menu setup, an intuitive front of house, and complete sales reporting. This is all done on an intuitive touch screen interface. Everything you need to run your coffee shop successfully is included with Lavu!

Lavu Coffee iPad POS

Speed Up Your Service
   Easy Ordering Process
   Customizable Menus
   Quick Item List
   Credit Card Integration
   Touchscreen Interface

Business Smart - Coffee iPad POS

Manage Your Business

Manage your business with modern technology and complete customization.

Admin Front of House Actions

Void orders and refund payments using your admin PIN

Complete Customization

Personalize location settings, order options, and special discounts

Accessible Anywhere

Reports available anywhere with an internet source

Point of sale systme made for coffee shops


Reports, settings customization, and employee info is available anywhere with an internet source.

Real-time Management

updates applied in real-time to all front of house devices

Employee Access Levels

Improve loss prevention and employee accountability

Robust Reports

Know your business with end of day sales and product reports

Inventory Tracking

Real-time ingredient usage and inventory countdown feature

Coffee iPad POS


Lavu Coffee iPad POS is a less expensive alternative to traditional point of sales.

Lower Initial Investment

Save thousands with small upfront cost

Inexpensive Hardware

Spend a fraction of traditional POS costs by using Apple products

Certified Specialist

Frontline & onsite support, no contracts or retainers


Free twenty-four hour phone support for all Lavu clients

  • Lavu iPad POS for Chains.
    The Green Beans Coffee franchise uses an iPad point of sale and business management system called Lavu. GBC currently has seventeen Lavu accounts worldwide with more locations on track for 2014. The superior system design makes it easy to upgrade, maintain, and/or replace as needed. “Lavu is affordable and very cost effective, vis-a-vis other POS systems. The system setup is fast and uncomplicated, and it’s super easy to train staff.”

    / Green Beans Coffee

  • Multiple Location point of sale
    "Intelligentsia is a premium brand with discerning customers who are often very tech savvy. They expect us to have a leading edge POS solution that works well. Lavu's iPad-based solution not only meets the aesthetic demands of our award-winning retail stores, but in addition the backend management interface allows our retail management team to monitor sales and customer traffic in real time,” reports Andrew of Intelligentsia.“We've converted all of our stores to Lavu, with some installs taking as little as an hour after the store is closed.”

    / Intelligentsia Coffee